Homoeopathy redefined?

Homoeopathy was discovered by the German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) over 200 years ago and is still going strong. Why? Because it works! For every substance – small doses stimulate, moderate doses inhibit and large doses kill. Small energy stimulates, larger energy irritates and high energy is destructive. Example: low energy lasers heal, medium energy laser heats tissue and high power laser cuts tissue. Medicines should act as catalysts (stimulate), as tiny sparks to ignite healing…..and this is exactly how homoeopathy works! Homoeopathy is known as “small dose medicine”. The dilutions make homoeopathy safe, gentle and non-toxic. New discoveries using transmission/scanning electron microscopes (TEM/SEM) have found nanoparticles in dilutions of homoeopathic medicines. Homoeopathy is essentially “nanomedicine”. Technology has opened the door to explaining the nano-particulate nature of homoeopathic ultra-high potencies and their potential effect on individual gene expression. Hahnemann must be smiling at us!

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